MDT Teaching Farm

IMG_3217The Teaching Farm is an invaluable practical learning space for our Key-Hole Gardens project and our Community Gardens initiatives. It is a place where fieldworker Tsotang Monyane can demonstrate his efficient farming techniques to our community members and then let them practice under his watchful eye.

Cultivating crops is the lifeblood of our people. We not only want everyone to have enough to eat, but to have enough to sell to generate an income. At the Teaching Farm we teach people how to amplify their efforts and increase their yields to achieve that goal.

We are also able to teach Conservation Farming techniques to community members. Soil erosion is our land’s major environmental problem, so farming techniques that combat erosion are critical.

Gardener Mathunya Mahale in the poly-tunnel , photo by Kelly Benning

The garden is tended full-time by our gardener Mathunya Mahale. The vegetables we produce here are sold to the Malealea Lodge and to people in our village. Proceeds are used to purchase the seeds that we sell to our Key-Hole Farmers and members of the Tsingawe Community Garden. These seeds are sold at a subsidy and allow those participants to increase their yields and generate an income.

The Teaching Farm is a collaborative effort supported by Africa’s Gift.


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