Malealea Community Center

The MDT constructed the Malealea Community Center in 2006 and continues to maintain the facilities, which include a large, multi-purpose hall, a small conference space, office, storage space, toilets, soccer fields. In 2016 we added a beautiful playground for our children. It is a hub of activity for our villages and an essential meeting place for a plethora of functions.


  • When schools are closed, Computer Training classes are held here
  • The Children’s Library is located here and is open and staffed by MDT workers for two hours in the afternoon twice a week, even when schools are closed
  • The MDT hosts Children’s Day each month here, an educational, empowering, and fun event for all of our children
  • The MDT hosts the Christmas Party for the village’s orphaned children each year at the hall
  • The HIV/AIDs Support Group meets here each month
  • The Young Women’s Support Group meets here twice a month and their sewing machines and materials are stored in the office
  • On World AIDs Day, health professionals from the local clinic have come to provide HIV status testing and counseling to members of our community
  • We host Key-Hole Gardens workshops here once a month, helping the elderly and our physically vulnerable community members to feed themselves and potentially grow enough to sell
  • During large national or international events, community members can gather in the hall and watch the broadcast together on our satellite TV
  • Other concerts and cultural events are held here throughout the year


Support the maintenance of this critical institution.


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