Supporting Children with Disabilities

Living a subsistence lifestyle while caring for a child with a physical disability is an impossible situation for parents to handle on their own, and yet there are forgotten families in our area who are struggling to do just that. In our rocky, highland terrain, independent maneuvering with a severe physical impairment is impossible. Children with disabilities cannot even get to one of our schools without help, let alone function at a high level in schools that lack the resources to accommodate them.

Unable to attend our schools, these children cannot suitably turn to work to support themselves. They are completely dependent upon their parents, who in turn must spend all their time simply trying to ensure the family has enough to eat.

The government of Lesotho has neglected these children and their families. Tello Moeketse, the director of the MDT, asserts that the government should prioritize these children. Public facilities are sorely lacking, as is the financial assistance the parents and guardians so desperately need. Left on their own, these children would have no future.

The MDT is supporting four such families. Three of these children live at the Phelisonong Residency and attend the Mamello English Medium Primary School there. This residential school is equipped to assist students with both mental and physical disabilities. It is located in Leribe. The MDT covers the families’ costs of transportation to and from the school as well as to and from medical appointments. The MDT also covers the costs of school uniforms and cosmetics. For two of the children, the MDT pays their school and residency fees. The third child is an orphan and the MDT successfully lobbied the government to cover her school fees.

The fourth child is attending the Saint Bernadette School for the Blind in Maseru, which was famously visited by Prince Harry in 2013. The MDT is also covering this child’s costs of attendance and room and board, as well as transport fees, uniforms, and cosmetics.


How your support can help:

  • Providing adequate services to children with disabilities can restore dignity to their lives, broaden the possibilities of their future, and relieve the family of impossible financial costs. Any funds you donate can help us lobby the government’s welfare department to secure more services for more suffering children. Donated funds can also help us directly support these children and more


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