Elderly Care

Project Coordinator Mateke Rakojoana wants to help support the elderly in this community. This is a sector of our work that is new and expanding.

For now, Mateke distributes vitamins to community members who are over 70 each winter when it is most difficult to ensure that one is eating a fully balanced diet, especially at that age. The vitamin packets include vitamin C, calcium gluconate, gulf calcium gluconate, vitamin B, and MultiFit, a supplement that is supposed to help maintain a healthy appetite.

Mateke would like to begin a program that would provide physical therapy to the elderly. She is researching how to begin this project, and would like help from a professional. We are currently looking for a volunteer who could come and teach physical therapy techniques specifically for elderly people, to safely help them become stronger and stay flexible. Flexibility and strength are key for mobility and freedom.

Please get in touch with us or donate to help.


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